7 Ways To Add A Big Splash On A Small Bathroom Remodel

January 22, 2020

7 Ways To Add A Big Splash On A Small Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels  don’t always have to break the bank. Small remodels can add big appeal to any bathroom- big or small. Top realtors say that bathroom and kitchen remodels are always worth the money when trying to sell your home. Careful organizing, innovative design, and focusing on the operation and flow of a small bath or half bath can help the bathroom feel larger than it is. 

These 7 tricks help to create the appearance of a larger bathroom: 

Stand Up Shower

1. If you have a little saved to spend on a bathroom remodel, remove the bathtub and add a stand up shower as an alternative. 

2. Get rid of any clutter. 

It is important to think through what you need in your bathroom. Utilize all space and really organize under your sink and in your closets.


3. Select colors of serenity. 

Pale, soft color schemes give the illusion of more space. You can use bright highlights for accessories and towels, but select pastel tones, neutrals, and whites for backgrounds.


4. Change the vanity cabinet.

 A vanity cabinet provides nice storage under the sink but takes up lots of floor space in a small bath. Replacing the vanity with a pedestal or wall-mounted sink can be fairly inexpensive. Your bath will feel more open. 

5. Find alternative storage. 

To make a bathroom appear more open and airy, you will want to move eyes up. A great way to do this is to remove all storage carts and baskets and to add floating shelves instead. This helps to add a decorative element while also moving your guest's eyes away from the floor and more to looking at the open space.


6. Reflect the space with mirrors. 

If your space will hold it, get a larger mirror to place in front of the bathroom sink. The mirror will reflect all the light in the room and pick up the color and pattern. You might consider a collection of mirrors arranged artistically in the place of one large mirror. The more shiny surfaces you can add, the lighter it will appear.

7. Choose a light colored floor. 

Just like with the walls, the floor will appear to open up if it is done with a light color. If you cannot replace the flooring, choose a large, light-colored rug to place over your existing flooring.

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