About Me

About Me

Hi, I am Suzanne and I am so happy that you found your way to Willow and Grace Designs! 

The sweet baby in this photo is Willow and one of my two reasons for creating a beautiful home that we can fill with family memories. She and my son, Rowan are my balance and my everything. 

As a mom, wife, teacher and human, I understand the need for everything to have its place and the struggle to find the time to do it all, which is truly impossible. I have to admit that I have a Monica Geller closet or two (if you know; you know 😜). I wanted to create this tiny corner of the internet to help you find solutions for your home that will help you create that inviting space that makes you want to kick your feet up and relax because you deserve that. 

A Bit About Me. 

As a child, I always had a yearning  to create beautiful things and spaces. I remember decorating the first bedroom I would not share with my siblings. I did not sleep in there for a week, because I didn’t want to destroy its beauty. 

As a child, I never described myself as creative, but as an adult, I realized that decor and fashion were my creative outlets. I may not know how to draw a circle, but BY GOD can I decorate a mantel! In 2016 when my husband and I bought our forever home, I couldn’t wait to fill it with all of my ideas. Our home was built in the 1930s and had all the original charm and all the old house problems. We are enjoying the process of renovating it and adding our own charm to the place. 

We welcomed our daughter Willow into our lives in 2018 and that girl is one feisty nugget. I couldn’t imagine such a tiny little body containing so much sass, but we love her. She is obsessed with the idea of family to the points that she names her dinosaurs, animals and dolls after each of us. She is also in love with being a big sister. We rocked her world by welcoming our sweet Rowan into the family. This little boy brings so much love into our life and our family feels complete.


My Decorating Philosophy

As a teacher, I don’t have the money to break the bank and buy my dream distressed coffee table, so I had to get creative and create the look that I wanted for less. I became good at repurposing old items and finding things that look expensive but were reasonably priced. I can thank my father for my eye for design. As children, my dad used to drag my brother, Sean, and I  to his warehouse to build furniture. Little did the three of us know that this warehouse would build a passion and keen eye for style in all of us.


The three of us have come to realize that a beautiful handmade piece of furniture created from the best materials and from a place of love and passion does not need to come with a ridiculous price tag. They say “the home is where the heart is”, and we stand by this motto. A home is a place for family, friends, and love, and we want to help you find decor and organization inspirations and ideas to bring that to life for you, regardless of what is in your wallet.


Thank you


More than anything I want to thank you so much for being here! I hope this site can play a small part in making your home a little more beautiful. 

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