Antiques That Never Go Out Of Style

Antiques That Never Go Out Of Style

Who doesn't love a good ole' antique? I always think it is funny when people purchase new decor that is supposed to look old and worn. When decorating my shelves, I always love to mix some seasonal new items with my timeless antiques. I feel like it adds to the character of the space. Adding in new and old things help to add life and dimension to your home, and in my opinion, they help to give it the feeling of being lived in, and if you are a bargain hunter, you can find many of them ridiculously cheap at flea markets, thrift stores or yard sales. 

Funny Story

I have always been obsessed with antiques. Even as a weird little kid, I was fascinated with the idea that something has a history to it. When I was eight, I remember taking a tour of an old home being restored and being in awe of this old fallen home's character and beauty that I stole pieces of the wallpaper they were tearing down. I couldn't understand why someone would want to remove something so beautiful and old. My mom found my bag of contraband under my pillow and made me return it 😂. 

Everything has a cycle in the decor world, but some antiques will never go out of style. We have collected our list of favorite antiques to snatch up if you see them. They are relatively easy to find and never cost much, but they add so much character to your home. 


Books: This one is a must-have in our home. I don't know if it is possible to have too many books, and when it comes to decorating with old books, it adds a ton of character for such a small price. I love to pair my old books in color schemes as I use them to decorate or display the old worn pages.

Candle Sticks:Old candlesticks are always so beautiful. I love when they are a little tarnished and look like they have had a good life. 

Serving Ware: Serving ware is another item that I believe was way more interesting in the past. If it is a pyrex dish from the 60s or mismatched old plates to hang on your walls, these pieces can always double as functional and decorative.

Scales:These are a little harder to find, but they sure are amazing. I have several I have snagged from local antique shops in my home, and I love the way they look. Old scales are great to use in the kitchen or to hold a plant.

Milk Glass: Milk glass can date back to the 1800s and stay popular through the 80s but has regained popularity as Pinterest has shown how milk glass can use it to decorate a home or a wedding. These items always go fast in antique shops, so when you see them, you want to snatch them up!

Mason Jars: Is there anything as pretty as fresh-cut flowers in an antique blue mason jar...nope? Mason jars are so functional and great for organizing and adding some charming character to any space

Painting/Art: Antique art is a more recent trend and has been gaining traction, but it is too pretty not to add it to this list. People have started creating gallery walls with old art and frames. Beyond being ridiculously unique, you can also create a great wall space without spending too much money. One of my all-time favorite paintings in our house that I know I will pass down to my daughter, I got on an auction site for $1! 

What are some of your favorite antiques, and how do you love to repurpose them? Want to hear more about decor trends? Sign up to be on the WG mailing list! 

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