Boho Amazon Home Office

Boho Amazon Home Office
With more of us working from home in this last year, I think it is becoming apparent that at-home offices are needed. Covid was a bit unexpected for all of us, and my husband and I were dismantling our home office to turn it into a nursery for our son. So we had to quickly figure out space, no matter how small, that would help us get into that work mindset and the impression that we were in an office.

I needed a space that had a clean backdrop and made my colleagues (and myself) believe that I was doing just fine. Once I created this little slice of heaven, I felt so much more productive, and it helped me get into work mode. Mainly because I wasn’t staring at a laundry basket; I needed to fold. I don’t believe working from home is going anywhere. It seems that more and more employers realize that jobs can be done remotely and that we are superheroes that can balance home, work and do it all in style! 

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