Common Decor Mistakes 

Common Decor Mistakes 

At Willow And Grace Designs, we believe our home is an extension of our personalities, and we love to help people find ways to make their homes speak for them! Sometimes that is easier said than done, and I know I have dealt with frustrating situations where I have a vision of how I want a room or area to look, and it ends up feeling "off." I usually have to step away for a moment to take a fresh look and find what part I need to change. Many times it is minor tweaks that change the whole look.

Usually, I can blame it on one of these five common decor mistakes that unintentionally creep to decorating. Check these out and see if you are falling victim to one or more of these common decor faux pas!

  1. Cluttered Decor
    1. The saying "Never too much" does not apply to decor. It is easy to go overboard and overcrowd a space with too many things. You want to choose a few statement pieces and then compliment the other elements in color and style. Creating balance is the look that we all strive for, and having too much going on in one space blends it all and creates a bit of chaos for the brain.  
  2. High Art and Decor:Figuring out where the placement of wall art and decor is essential for the life of any space. Once you figure out where you would like the art placed in the room, think about the height you want. A good rule of thumb is to place decor and art at standing eye level. A good height is commonly around 57 inches so that people can see it comfortably. 
  3. Not enough lighting: Dark and moody is a great look, but not when it comes to a room's lighting! The lighter, the better to bring life to a room. Some of us are lucky and can get this through natural lighting, and we recommend thinking around the lighting in your room. Plan your furniture and decor around the natural lighting, but if you have difficulty with natural lighting, try to accomplish this with lighter wall colors and accents. Try to add lighting that doubles as decor as well.
  4. No storage: Having enough storage is a must for everyone, especially if little ones are running around. Sadly, closet space doesn't always cut it for putting things away and decluttering a room, so we like to follow Joanne Gaines' philosophy to double some of our furniture and decor as storage as well. Baskets, trunks, and shelving are the perfect way to add some storage to your style.
  5. Not enough YOU: With Instagram and Pinterest, it is easy to focus on creating the perfect curated room, but it is also easy to lose the most critical part of a home, YOU. We are all about creating the ideal space and look in your home, but make sure you add enough of yourself and your family in the look. Pictures and one-of-a-kind pieces are the perfect way to do this, even if they throw off the "vibe" a bit. 

At the end of the day, this is your home and rules are made to be broken! Create a home that feels comfortable and inviting you and your loved one and if it makes a few mistakes, who cares? 


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