Creating A Minimalist Living Room Under $600

Creating A Minimalist Living Room Under $600

Minimalist decor has really stood the test of time in the decor world and for good reason. This style gives small spaces the opportunity to flourish by allowing space, lighting and a few key objects to play equally important roles. 

This style demands that you pair down to a few essential items to create your desired space. Essentially, it helps you create a show stopping room without filling it with a ton of things. Less is always more with this decor philosophy! It also gives each of those few objects their ability to really stand out. 

I love the look of this decor style and the idea of clearing a room and just leaving only the items I truly love. You don't need to spend a ton on your key items and can actually create a beautiful, minimalist living space through Amazon shopping. 

Check out this minimalist Living Room I created under $600.00 and let me know what you think! 



Plant stand


Come as you are frame

Floating Shelves

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