Home Renovation Ideas That Make A Big Impact For Little Money

Home Renovation Ideas That Make A Big Impact For Little Money

I feel like once a year, I get this itch to redo a room. I don't know if I am watching too much HGTV or what, but I can't stop myself from looking at the room in a whole new life and entirely wanting to transform it. My husband has typically talked me down from the ledge and taken the sledgehammer before I take the entire room down to its studs 😂. It is so easy to feel like a room needs a complete transformation to love it again, but a little bit of furniture repositioning and a few new key decor pieces can completely change the look of a space for a fraction of the price. 

Four key points that I always remind myself: 

  1. Textiles make a huge impact: pillows, rugs, curtains, and blankets can change any space's look. 
  2. Take inventory of my wall space: If I want to make a room come to life, I always try to pick items that compliment my color scheme and give the most significant impact without feeling cluttered. I also think about where I want the piece to be. I always try to keep the center of the fixture or focal point at eye level. 
  3. Think about how people enter the room: This one took me a long time to learn, but it is crucial to think through how people enter the room and where their eyes go. If you have a long and narrow space, you don't want to put all of your furniture along the walls because it will make the room feel empty. Imagine how you want people to walk into a room and go from there. 
  4. Be smart when shopping and plan it out: Amazon has been one of my go-to spots for finding beautiful decor for a fraction of the price. Many of the things that I see are the same items that I would find at the stores, just sold by independent vendors. This vision board helped scratch the itch to renovate our living room completely. 

Here are links to each of these incredible pieces: 

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