How To Decorate Any Floating Shelf

How To Decorate Any Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are a great way to add a functional and decorative element to any room. It is important to know how to decorate your shelf to show off your HGTV skills. These rules can be applied to any room and remember that rules are meant to be broken. Have fun decorating your shelves and make them your own! 

1. Odd numbers 

When decorating any shelf, odd numbers of items always help to add a symmetry to things and make it more visually appealing. We have always found the most success when sticking with decor in groups of  3 or 5. 

2. Texture 

Texture is a great way to add some dimension to any shelf. We love to add real or fake plants as our texture. They always help to add color and life to any room. 

3. Color 

Color is a great way to help bring your shelf into the rest of the room. Take inventory of the rest of the room and think about what colors would help to complement the other elements in the or if you really want the shelf to pop, choose a contrasting color to bring your guests’ eyes to the shelf 

4. Anchor item 

The anchor item is normally what you want to be the driving focus on your shelf. It can be centered or offset. This item should be what you start with, and then the other items should work to compliment and help to draw eyes to your anchor items. 

5. Interest item 

Interest item is something that can be changed out with the season or holiday. It is something different and adds a uniquely “you” element to your shelf. 


Happy decorating!



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