How To Install a Floating Shelf

How To Install a Floating Shelf

If you are anything like me and intimidated to buy a product online that will need any installation in fear of future headaches, inferior mounting materials, or wrong directions. In that case, I hope that this post brings you a little security. Here at Willow and Grace, we not only want to create beautiful high-quality shelves that look great, but we also want to build floating shelves that are easy to install and will stand the test of time on your walls.
When we decided to start the wild ride of entering the home decor market and bringing the best product at the lowest cost to our customers, a strong bracket system was a must-have. We understand the frustration of getting something on your wall only to have it slope or look crooked. In the past, when I would unpack wall decor that contained anchors, I would break into a cold sweat, never actually use them and hope for the best 😂. I never realized how important they were to secure an item to your wall until I started Willow and Grace with my dad and brother.
With the correct tools 🪛 and anchors, these shelves are ridiculously easy to get up! No matter where you are on your DIY journey, we promise that you can do it 🙌! We even created this quick video to walk you through the process. We hope this calms your nerves and helps you add a little more beauty to your home! 


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    I have to say love the great tips the floating shelves look so awesome to do for sure

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