Putting a Modern Boho Style Spin on Your Shelves

Putting a Modern Boho Style Spin on Your Shelves

If you’ve noticed the bohemian home trend and are wondering how to get the look in your own home, we get it. It is awesome to find inspiration on social media and Pinterest but then when it comes down to really putting it together, it doesn't always go according to plan. If you stick to these three boho core rules your home will have that bohemian natural vibe in no time. 

  1. Keep it neutral: If you’re after a modern boho look, stick to light, bright woods. Use neutral colors in your decor like white, browns, grey, taupe, and orange. Light bleached woods provide airiness and a clean backdrop for the other colors, patterns, and textures you might incorporate in your space. 

  2. Add plants. A consistent theme in all boho styled decor is adding greenery and natural elements to your space. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can find really great faux plants to achieve the same look.
  3. Add a variety of textures. One thing a boho home never lacks is texture. Add pieces like woven baskets, planters made of different kinds of materials, artwork, stacks of books, and flowers as textural elements to your shelves.Add some vintage or handmade. For a true boho look, some vintage pieces are really a must. Shop your local thrift store for some second-hand, vintage accents to add to your decor. When thrift shopping, look for pieces made out of wood, wicker, or natural materials. Also, keep an eye out for warm metallic pieces like vintage brass planters or candlesticks.


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