Tips To Keep Your Shelves Organized

Tips To Keep Your Shelves Organized

Have you ever decorated a surface and just felt like it looks off? Yep, me too. I will actually lose sleep thinking about how to bring balance to my fireplace mantel... I know it is ridiculous 🤣.

Taking all of the photos for our site and social media has definitely taught me a few things about how to decorate a shelf and now I have a few core decorating rules whenever I am heading into a photo shoot. When decorating floating or open shelves, it is important to keep an uncluttered, organized look so they add to your space and not distract. Here are my go to rules whenever I style shelves to keep them from looking cluttered.

  1. Balance. Incorporate large accent items like bowls, vases, and wire baskets to fill the space. Using too many smaller decor pieces will make your shelves look untidy. By using larger pieces, you fill in the gaps without it looking cluttered. It’s important to create balance by using decorative pieces of various sizes.
  2. Repetition. Repetition is good! Repeat items like vases, wire baskets, greenery, books, and photo frames to keep your shelves from looking cluttered, but also repeat elements of color and texture. Repeating decorative accents and elements throughout your shelves helps create a harmonious and uniform look. 
  3. Groups of three. One of the most important rules of decorating is using groupings of three. Creating little vignettes and groupings of three makes the eyes happy. 

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